Plumber for Emergency Plumbing Service

Finding a reliable 24-hour plumber when you need an emergency Surrey plumbing repair  is a difficult task. If you need emergency plumbing repairs at 4 in the morning, you are likely to be stressed and hiring the first 24-hour plumber that answers the phone. They might come, they might come quickly or not, they may never show up. If they do, will they do the job correctly and at a fair price. Are they licensed and insured? Frankly, at four o’clock in the morning all you want is a body to do the repair and stop the water from damaging more of your home. Read More >>

Remedies For A Slow or Clogged Drain

Most folks do not like plumbing work, it is dirty, smelly and at times too difficult for the average person. Plumbers, are the exception, they tolerate the environment of odors and slime when they must get the job done. Take drains that are clogged or stopped. The average person might have a plunger or some chemical drain opener on hand but Burnaby drain cleaning may require more sophisticated tools such as Hydro-Jetting to get your drains clear and stay that way. Read More >>

How To Avoid Frozen Pipes This Winter

Winter is upon us once again. Before the bone chilling nights hit, Vancouver Pipe Repair Experts at High Mark Plumbing offer advice and tips to avoid frozen pipes in your home. Should you have the unfortunate event occur, always remember that the General Plumbing Specialists at High Mark Plumbing are at your beacon call 24/7. To help you prepare for winter, High Mark’s Plumbing technicians recommend you fully prepare for worst case scenario by: Read More >>

High Mark Plumbing: Maintaining Your Laundry Room Plumbing

Many homeowners discount the possibility of potential plumbing problems in the laundry room. We worry about the appliances (washer and dryer), forgetting about the plumbing system until something goes terribly wrong. Because there are hot and cold water supply lines to the washing machine and utility tub, and drain lines from each, there most certainly is potential for plumbing problems – as the Vancouver Plumbing Experts at High Mark Plumbing well know! Read More >>

Benefits of Bradford-White Water Heater from High Mark Plumbing

As homes become more efficient with regard to heating and cooling, the percentage of energy consumed to heat water increases. For this reason, it is important that you purchase the most efficient water heater available. When deciding to purchase a standard, storage tank, gas operated water heater, Bradford White Water Heaters have a number of advantages over their competitors. Available from High Mark Plumbing, your Vancouver Water Heater Expert, the benefits of owning a Bradford White Water Heater include: Read More >>