Plumber for Emergency Plumbing Service

Finding a reliable 24-hour plumber when you need an emergency Surrey plumbing repair  is a difficult task. If you need emergency plumbing repairs at 4 in the morning, you are likely to be stressed and hiring the first 24-hour plumber that answers the phone. They might come, they might come quickly or not, they may never show up. If they do, will they do the job correctly and at a fair price. Are they licensed and insured? Frankly, at four o’clock in the morning all you want is a body to do the repair and stop the water from damaging more of your home.

There is a better way to handle engaging an emergency plumbing service Surrey. Get one before you need them. If you have had a good experience with a plumber, find out if they provide 24-hour plumbing service. Ask friends and neighbors for recommendations. If no one knows of a reliable 24-hour plumbing service use an online referral source such as Angie’s List for assistance. While you have to pay a small fee to referral sites like this, companies can not pay to get on the referral list. Members of the community blog about their experiences with local providers of goods and services. So, a referral for a highly rated emergency plumbing service is just like getting a referral from friends and family.

Once you have found at least two emergency plumbing repair companies call them. Then ask the following questions to help you decide who you will call in an emergency:

  1. What is your rate?
  2. Are you and your employees licensed, bonded and insured? Get the company’s license number.
  3. What is your response time? Do you guarantee arrival within that time?
  4. If you have any unusual plumbing features, like a geothermal water heater are they able to service it?
  5. Ask for and then check references. If a company will not provide references then remove them from your list of potentials.
  6. What is their repair guarantee?

Before making a final selection, you may also want to try an online database of contractor’s. If you have the contractor’s license number you can research online and see if there have been any disciplinary actions taken against the particular 24-hour plumber you are evaluating.

Typically, emergency plumbing services handle problems such as:

Most other plumbing problems can be handled during a regular appointment for plumbing repairs. Also most companies offer Surrey online promotions, make sure to take a look online and you might save yourself some money. 

It is easy to reduce the stress of a plumbing emergency by having a simple plan to call a pre-selected company to provide your emergency plumbing service. Life is stressful enough, by planning for a plumbing emergency it takes one more stressful thing off the table.