Plumber in Maple Ridge

plumber in Maple Ridge

High Mark Plumbing is ready to be your plumber in Maple Ridge. Plumbing is something closely akin to pipe fitting. Or, to put it another way, plumbers deal with pipes, fitting them together, and making the joins so that they are sufficiently tight that nothing leaks. Whether the substance is liquid or gas, absence of leaks is the goal.

Plumbing has a long and honorable history. The first flush toilet and sewage disposal system was put together in Crete around 1700 BC. Perhaps the best known plumbing endeavor is the Roman aqueduct system, created around 312 BC. One must not forget royal plumbing – Queen Elizabeth I had the first flush toilet in England in 1596 AD. Leap-frogging ahead, Louis Pasteur’s discovery of the relationship between bacteria and disease – thereby increasing the need for plumbing, and refining the process. Today, a variety of organizations deal with regulating quality and location of the various kinds of “pipes” used in modern plumbing. Recent developments have included regulations that reduced the amount of lead that could be included in water pipes, and even the development of expanding pipes that are less prone to burst if they freeze. This is only a thumbnail sketch about possibly one of the most important aspects of modern living.

High Mark Plumbing is ready to be your plumber in Maple Ridge, just call (604)945-6060. We are dedicated to the idea that pipes should not leak, that sanitation is a great thing, and that while plumbing might not be exciting, when it doesn’t work everyone gets very excited, indeed. It lends a great deal to quality of life and to the general health of any urban settlement. The arts lend grace to civilization, but plumbing just might be the backbone of its development.