Plumbing in Okotoks, Calgary AB

Ancient civilizations developed near water – rivers, streams and lakes for transportation, agricultural and industrial use; and (when possible) near springs for fresh, sweet drinking water. When that was not possible, they developed water catchment systems that fed into cisterns. Modern plumbing became more sophisticated, involving pipes and engineering. That is where we come in. High Mark Plumbing can help manage your plumbing in Okotoks, Calgary AB.

Ancient civilizations are not the only ones who have a concern for water supply. Modern centers of civilization, such as Okotoks, have concerns with keeping up with demand for water. Local aquifers are not always sufficient to keep up with growth. In 2016, Okotoks put in an application for a water pipeline from Calgary. In February of 2017, a hold was put on the project, pending ecological effects of drawing water out of Sheep River. In November 2017, a letter to the Western Wheel addressed a further difficulty: funding. The citizens of Okotoks seem to be very much aware of the importance of water, not only for drinking and bathing but for industrial development. Some of them are concerned. A flyer from the City of Okotoks, explains that recently annexed lands are primarily on well water and were not the cause of the water restrictions of the summer of 2017. It remains to be seen how 2018 will play out.

With concerns about the water supply, keeping a firm grasp on your plumbing system is important. High Mark Plumbing can help with your plumbing in Okotoks, Calgary AB, just call (403)407-5750. We can help track those elusive water leaks that seem to drive up your bill, as well as take care of both water mains and sewer mains – those two vital lines in and out of your home.