Plumbing Issues in an Older Home

plumbing services in LadnerOlder homes are so charming that it’s easy to see why home buyers often look to purchase one. They remind us fondly (most of the time) the house of our childhood or when we used to visit grandma. Are you looking to buy a pre-1970s home? Or, have you just moved in? Everyone purchasing an older home expects to undergo some renovation and repair issues. It’s part of the package. The plumbing is one of the things that needs to be checked out in advance. Old plumbing equals problems. Let the experts at High Mark Plumbing inspect the water and sewer pipes in your older home so you know what issues you may be facing.  You can trust our team of licensed plumbers to assist you with all of your Ladner plumbing services.

Homes built in the 1960s or earlier used galvanized steel pipes for the water system. By now, those are likely corroded. It’s possible that previous owners replaced all or part of the pipes with copper. If that’s the case, you are in better shape than you could be. Another replacement option is flexible polyethylene piping or PEX.

Sewer lines should also be examined as they were made from cast iron or clay pipe years ago. Cast iron pipes may be rusted and clay pipes are probably crushed. Pipes also used to be manufactured at two inches wide and now the standard is three inches. High Mark Plumbing technicians can replace these out-of-date pipes with modern ones that will work more efficiently.

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