Plumbing Repair In Airdrie By The Professionals

Plumbing Repair In Airdrie By The ProfessionalsHave you ever wondered why your plumbing pipes are not straight? Instead, they are curvy and seem almost made to clog with that design. If you do experience a backup, you will likely need plumbing repair in Airdrie, so call one of the pros at High Mark Plumbing to take care of it. Let’s explore the reasoning behind circuitous plumbing.

If you have ever dropped a valuable object like a key or ring into the sink or toilet, while there may be an instant of panic, you know that it is possible to retrieve it because it is probably resting in the bend or trap of the pipe. This curve prevents important items from being lost forever. However, that is not the reason the pipes are curved.

To understand why pipes are not straight, it is important to know where they lead. Drainpipes travel to larger sewer pipes that are filled with water and waste and other materials people put down the drain. Along with water, there are noxious and smelly fumes throughout the piping system. You certainly don’t want those wafting throughout your home when your drains are not in use. The curved pipes keep that from happening by making a water seal in the pipe, trapping the smells behind it.

When water goes down the drain, gravity pushes the water past the curve and into the sewer pipe. When the water stops running, some water is trapped in the bend-portion of the pipe, sealing the unwanted smells on the other side.

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