Plumbing Repair Service in Burnaby BC

High Mark Plumbing can help if you need a plumber in Burnaby. We know that when the commode in the bathroom is flooding, or even if you’ve discovered a faucet with and ever-increasing drip, that being able to locate professional help is important.

In fact, we have a program that we can afford to offer to only 22% of our customers – simply because it is labor-intensive, and we don’t have the personnel to cover more. It is called the Peace of Mind program. The POM begins with a complete inspection of your plumbing and discovering (if anything) items that might develop problems or that already are causing a problem, then repairing them. Subsequently, your plumbing will get inspected once a year to catch any new issues before they become a big problem. Yearly maintenance events include camera inspection of perimeter drain tile and catch basin, catch basin outlet line to city, and the main sewer line to the city, as well as a hydro flush of the perimeter drains. Plans begin at $12.00 a month, with 10% off on labor for any needed repairs. Whether you have the plan or not, you can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you have a plumbing problem. Our POM plan also includes inspecting your heating system – another high-use item that can develop problems caused by wear from ordinary use.

High Mark Plumbing can help if you need a plumber in Burnaby. We know that some kinds of plumbing problems just won’t wait. That is why we encourage you to call (604)945-6060 at the first sign of trouble. We will get someone out to look at your situation as quickly as possible.