Plumbing Service in Calgary

plumbing service in Calgary

High Mark Plumbing has what it takes to care for your plumbing service in Calgary. We understand how plumbing works, the signs that indicate leaks and other malfunctions, and we have both the staff and the tools to get the job done.

A lack of regular plumbing service can lead to small household problems, as well as large ones. One afternoon, a young man in a rooming house was planning to take a shower. It just so happened that he paid part of his rent by being the handyman/fixit guy. When he looked at the sprayer, he discovered that the shower head had come off the flexible hose, along with the hardware needed to fasten it on. He sighed, went to the local department store, and purchased a new one. As he was putting it on, he leaned on the cold-water tap, and suddenly water began to gush through the tub faucet – and no matter how he twisted on the knob, he could only get it to shut off by pushing against the knob. He called for another roommate to hold the faucet in, while he went out – in the pouring rain – to shut off the water to the house. Upon his return, he pulled the trim away from the shower surround, and discovered a thriving nest of termites! A few minutes with a screwdriver revealed that the washer in the faucet handle had worn out and would no longer seal properly. Lack of regular service can lead to emergency plumbing projects.

High Mark Plumbing has what it takes to care for your plumbing service in Calgary, call us at (403)407-5750 to schedule your service appointment. No one can guarantee completely trouble-free plumbing, but we can often forestall those small emergencies before they become big ones.