Plumbing Service in Maple Ridge

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High Mark Plumbing has your plumbing service in Maple Ridge. Summer is a great time for plumbing service. The ground is not frozen, and it is easier to track problems.

Plumbing service can encompass many things, but it is far less invasive these days than it might have been at one time. Modern technology grants the ability to send tiny cameras down pipes to inspect them from the inside, obviating the need to dig up pipes in order to check for leaks. In some cases, the leaks can even be repaired by slipping modern flexible pipes inside older installations. In the instances where digging is required, using the cameras to pinpoint breaks in the lines minimizes disturbance to the landscape. This is a blessing to a homeowner who has invested a great deal in creating flower beds, walkways and lawn space. The camera can also reveal the cause of the break or leak, determining whether it is caused by a break or invasive tree roots. Once the problem is revealed, it does not take long to correct the situation. Plumbing is one area where modern technology has made big differences.

High Mark Plumbing has your plumbing  repair & service in Maple Ridge, from leaky pipes, to clogged drains, running toilets and low water pressurejust give us a call at (604) 678-1650 for a free consultation. Availability of modern technology, such as tiny cameras, makes plumbing service a lot easier for everyone. It preserves landscaping and can quickly pinpoint the cause of a leak without costly and unsightly digging. We are very pleased to be able to offer this advantage to our customers and recommend getting a yearly checkup. Summer is a great time to do this because the warmer weather makes digging easier if it does turn out to be inevitable. We are ready to help – just call us.