Preserve Your Investment with Water Leak Service and Repair Vancouver

High Mark Plumbing is ready to help preserve your investment with water leak service & Repair in Vancouver. An unnoticed slow leak can cause mold and mildew that are not only damaging to your home, but can be detrimental to your health. Large leaks can cause flooding, water damage to walls and carpets, or even to furnishings.

Water Leak Service and Repair Vancouver

Plumbing pipes have come a long way since the old days when the Romans brought water into their homes with lead pipes. No one had heard of arsenic of lead in those days, so they were only interested in the lead’s malleability – which is to say, it was easy to shape into a pipe or a trough to carry the water. More modern plumbing has numerous better choices for the pipes that can be used in your home – including expandable pipes that will resist leaking or bursting in cold weather. As you probably already know, water expands when it is frozen, creating pressure on the insides of pipes. Older pipes can also become calcified over time, narrowing the opening through which the water can flow. There are different kinds of pipes for cold water intake, hot water output from your water heater, and drain pipes. In fact, a field trip to your local hardware store can become pretty confusing even if you have a good idea of where a pipe needs to go, and what it should do.

HighMark’s plumbers know the right kind of pipe to use in each situation, and they can help preserve your investment in your home with water leak service and repair in Vancouver. All you need to do is pick up the phone and dial (604)945-6060. We’ll be happy to set up an appointment for routine repairs or to get someone to you quickly in case of emergency leaks.