Prevent Costly Repairs With Maintenance and Drain Tile Cleaning

drain tile cleaning in Airdrie

High Mark Plumbing can take care of your drain tile cleaning in Airdrie. Drain tiles are often used in sewer mains and in perimeter drains. In both cases, they are sometimes subject to damage, and to becoming blocked. Drains are a vital part of your plumbing system since they carry away fluids that could otherwise become a problem.

Tree roots are one of the biggest problems with drains and drain tiles. Trees seek out moisture, and it is the nature of their roots to dig deep into the earth and to poke into narrow places, such as between rocks, to find water and nutrients. Your drains contain that life-giving moisture, and in the case of sewer mains, also rich nutrients much loved by trees. Tree roots are not the only potential problem for your drain tiles. Perimeter drains can become clogged by lawn clippings, pine needles and bits of dried leaves. Sewer drains develop a slow buildup of fat, food particles and bathroom solids over time. Bathroom drains can also be adversely impacted by items that go down the drain accidentally, such as toys, jewelry, hairpins and similar items. Fortunately, modern plumbing tools can frequently solve these problems without digging.

High Mark Plumbing, at (403)407-5750, can take care of your drain cleaning in Airdrie. We have the equipment that allows us, in most cases, to clean drain tiles simply by running our tools through the lines from the cleanout valve. Use of cameras and imaging allows us to pinpoint problem locations and to minimize digging in those case where it becomes necessary. Often, we can even make repairs without disruptive processes, thanks to flexible inserts that can be used to bridge damaged areas.