Professional Drain Cleaning in Vancouver

drain cleaning in Vancouver Water and assorted debris (food pieces, soap, hair, grease, toys, waste, etc.) of varying sizes and consistencies swirl down the drains in our sinks, tubs, dishwashers and washing machines and are carried away numerous times every day without our even thinking about it. Problems arise when draining becomes slower than normal or these drains back up with no water flow at all. High Mark Plumbing offers quality drain cleaning in Vancouver with 24 hour service.

You may think that you can solve this issue yourself. Bottled drain cleaners sold in supermarkets and home improvement stores tout their effectiveness at an affordable price. However, the majority of these cleaners contain harsh and toxic chemicals that are harmful to your skin and lungs and the pipes in your home. This can lead to more damage and an expensive repair.

Our professional plumbers have the experience, specialty equipment and knowledge to resolve your drain issues. We will thoroughly examine the situation to determine the best course of action. It may be as simple as opening the “trap” to clean it out or using a snake – a coiled wire inserted into the drain to break up the clog. Sometimes it is necessary to completely open the drain to clear it.

Whether your clog is big or small, contact the expert plumbing team at High Mark Plumbing for your drain cleaning in Vancouver at (604) 678-9440 to schedule an appointment today. We can help you keep your drains clean and clear.