Protect your home with Water Leak Service & Repair Surrey

Water Leak Service & Repair Surrey

High Mark Plumbing can help protect your home with Water Leak Service & Repair Surrey. Water leaks, whether extreme gushers or slow, steady drips can have detrimental effects on your home. We have the trained service men and the tools to locate and repair problems.

Water leaks in your home can create or exacerbate several problems within your home. The first, and most easily identifiable, is termites. Termites dearly love a combination of wood and water. You might say that the framework of any standard house plus a slow water leak – one that is mostly undetectable by the home owner – are an instant recipe for a termite definition of heaven. It gives them everything they need to create a home for themselves, while they make lacework out of wall studs and other wooden infrastructure. Another big problem, and one that poses hidden health problems, is black mold. If you suspect that you have this problem, your first step is to get a professional assessment. If the infestation is severe, you might need temporary housing elsewhere while it is removed. Workers who deal with the problem will wear protective gear including masks and gloves. The room or rooms will be sealed off, a fan directed to the out of doors to pull loose spores out of the house, and every surface wiped down with a disinfecting solution – such as water and bleach. After the solution dries, the entire house should be vacuumed with a HEPA vacuum cleaner to remove any chance residue.

High Mark Plumbing can help protect you home by providing water leak service & repair Surrey. Just call (604)945-6060 for one of our friendly professionals to check for leaks and estimate any needed repairs. Prevention is far better than remediation.