Ready for Your Water Heater Repair in Surrey

Ready for Your Water Heater Repair in SurreyHigh Mark Plumbing is ready for your water heater repair in Surrey. We have the well-trained, knowledgeable team of plumbers, the equipment, and the experience. We can, you might say, keep help keep your household supplied with hot water, and at the same time keep you out of hot water – the kind that comes from trouble with your plumbing.

Water heaters are pretty self-contained when they are working correctly. Whether you have a water heater with a tank reservoir that keeps hot water on hand ready for use, or whether you have a water heater that heats up the water as needed, your water heater isn’t a piece of equipment to which you are likely to give a lot of attention – until it malfunctions. Problems with water heaters can range from leaks in the intake and output pipes to faulty thermostats or calcified safety valves – the latter actually representing a danger to your household. Problems can vary, depending upon the type of water heater – particularly whether the water is heated with electricity, or whether it uses gas or some other fuel. Gas heaters have the added consideration that if the thermocouple or thermostat are in disrepair, there is the potential for gas build-up in your home.

High Mark Plumbing is ready for your water heater repair in Surrey, just give us a call at (604)945-6060. We will have a team out as quickly as possible – particularly if it involves smelling gas or if there is a pilot light that isn’t working properly – to diagnose the situation and take care of any immediate needs. We will then follow up with obtaining any needed parts and generally getting your hot water heater back into being a piece of equipment that you can safely ignore.