Rely on High Mark Plumbing for Drain Cleaning in Shaughnessy Vancouver BC

Drain Cleaning in Shaughnessy Vancouver BC

If your drains are running a little slow, if the sump in the basement is back-washing when the toilet is flushed, if your bathtub drainage tends to bubble up in the sink, then High Mark Plumbing is ready to take care of your drain cleaning in Shaughnessy. Drains are sort of like the arteries in your body, they carry away the fluids that have been used and contaminated with waste. Like arteries, they can build up plaque over time. The plaque in plumbing drains is made up of grease, food particles and bathroom solids. They coat the insides of drain pipes and slowly build up through the years until they narrow the opening available for water flow.

Of course, plaque isn’t the only thing that can diminish the efficiency of your drains. Groundwater leaking into sewer mains can fill them up and slow the drainage process. Tree roots can be a major problem. Trees love drains because they contain water and nutrients that trees love for growth. Finally, there is user error which can be comprised of everything from a curious two-year-old experimenting with flushing to mistakenly believing certain packaging directs that say “flushable” on items that really do not flush well. These items include tampons and disposable diapers. Both these items should be wrapped and placed in your regular trash for disposal.

High Mark Plumbing is ready to take care of your drain cleaning in Shaughnessy Vancouver BC, call (604)945-6060 for an appointment today. Our knowledgeable, experienced team is ready to make your troubles go down the drain, and to repair the drain if that should be necessary. Because plumbing emergencies don’t always happen during business hours, we are available after hours and on weekends for those things that just won’t wait.