Remedies For A Slow or Clogged Drain

Most folks do not like plumbing work, it is dirty, smelly and at times too difficult for the average person. Plumbers, are the exception, they tolerate the environment of odors and slime when they must get the job done. Take drains that are clogged or stopped. The average person might have a plunger or some chemical drain opener on hand but Burnaby drain cleaning may require more sophisticated tools such as Hydro-Jetting to get your drains clear and stay that way.

The easiest way to deal with a slow or clogged drain is not to let a drain get that way. On a monthly basis flush your drains with hot water. This should clear soap scum and other dissolvable gunk from your drain lines. At the first sign of a drain becoming slow you should clean it out to prevent further clogging deposits.First try running hot water through the misbehaving drain. If that doesn’t work, try using a plunger. Make sure that before you use the plunger you have sealed off the over flow holes in the sink. This will create a vacuum when you plunge. Bathtubs and showers do not usually have an overflow so there is nothing to seal off. Using ordinary hot water, plunge the line several times to clear the drain.

If hot water does not do the job then you need to use a chemical drain opener. Use a gel type thick drain opener. The thin, watery ones may be less expensive but they will not always do the job as they often just pass through a partially blocked slow drain, the thicker gel types are far more effective. It is not a good idea to use chemical drain openers for periodic drain cleaning as over time they could damage your plumbing lines due to their corrosive nature.

If by this time your drains are still slow or clogged the next step is to use a plumber’s snake. This is a long thin wire that you insert in the drain and feed in until you reach the debris that is causing the clogging. At this point though, many people will opt to contact professional Burnaby Plumber as they don’t have a snake and are unsure how to use it.

Plumbers usually use Burnaby hydro-jetting to clear clogged or slow drain lines. It is a safe process where water is forced through the drain line under high pressure and at high-speed. It quickly removes scum and other debris from the sides of your drain and will break up any clogs quite easily.

By using hot water monthly your drains should not slow or clog. If home remedies do not fix the problem a licensed, professional plumber should be called. With the proper tools such as a hydro-jetting set your drains can be easily cleaned. After, regular drain cleaning should keep them in top-notch condition.