Riley Park Vancouver BC Plumbing

Riley Park plumbing

High Mark Plumbing is your Riley Park Vancouver BC Plumbing installation, service and repair company. From traditional old-style pipework to modern water heaters and boilers that work with heat pumps to heat and cool your home, we do it all.

There is a lot more to plumbing than just sticking two pipes together. It includes knowing about the several different kinds of plumbing pipe, understanding the care and maintenance of water heaters, setting up and maintaining radiant heat – which can include pipes and radiators, and taking care of boilers. It also includes installing and maintaining gas pipes.

That is why our team has the skills needed for

  • electrical work
  • pipe fitting
  • heat pump management and
  • a deep awareness of the environment.

We work with some of the most vital natural elements – water, air, and gas. We deal with bringing clean, potable water into your home and taking waste and dirty water out. Plumbing facilitates play a major role in the growth of cities. Without plumbing, it would be difficult to deliver clean water and to remove wastes. We have historical examples – the water wagons and “honey” wagons of medieval Europe, for example. Can you imagine the delivery problem in a city the size of Vancouver without pipes? We don’t even want to think about what that would be like.

Call High Mark Plumbing at (604) 678-9440 for your Riley Park plumbing. We do it all: installation, service and repair. Whether your home is a turn of the century place with historical significance or a brand, new smart house with all the bells and whistles, we can take care of your plumbing. We do water, waste, gas, electric and heat pumps – and that is just the short, simple list. Water is a precious commodity. We are glad to help care for it.