Save Time and Money: Get Your Boiler Repair Done by Professionals

Boiler Repair

The last warm days of summer are upon us. Boiler repair, unless your boiler is an industrial installation or is associated with your heat pump, might be the last thing on your mind. High Mark Plumbing can help you get your boiler repair near Renfrew-Collingwood Vancouver BC out of the way before there is even a hint of frost or snow in the air.

This year has been an odd one for weather. Droughts where there is usually rain, rain during times that are usually dry, making your home environment planning a little more interesting than normal. On August 15, 2017, was even suggesting that a few areas might receive a little dusting of snow. Clearly, this is a year to have your cooling and heating systems in good working order.

Boilers are often that dusty device that looms in one corner of the basement and is ignored until something goes wrong with it. These last drowsy days of summer might be a good time to dust it off and get a professional in to give it its yearly service if you’ve not done that already. By paying attention to the strange device in the basement (or closet or wherever), if it needs repair, you will have time to plan it into your budget. You’ll be ahead on the parts-ordering game, and by the time real winter arrives it will be ready to keep your home toasty and comfortable.

Call High Mark Plumbing at (604)945-6060 to get your boiler repair near Renfrew-Collingwood Vancouver BC. We are available after-hours, and weekends, but encourage our customers to plan ahead if possible. It is so much more pleasant to look at the snow outside from inside a warm, well-prepared house.