Sewer Main Cleaning in Burnaby

sewer main cleaning in BurnabyA blockage in your home’s sewer main is not typically the first thing you think of if you are experiencing a clogged sink or toilet, but it is often the culprit. It may be the right time to call a professional for sewer main cleaning in Burnaby.

Simple and uncomplicated clogs respond well to a sewer “snake” or coiled metal rod inserted through the sewer clean-out to break up materials causing the problem. What is a sewer clean-out, you may ask? This is a pipe opening that provides direct access to your sewer main and is often near the bathroom of a home and can be located inside or out.

Sometimes clean-outs that are outside have been hidden by landscaping so a careful look is sometimes necessary to find it. The clean-out also offer a needed release for water leaks to flow outside the home, rather than flooding a room or basement.

Professional plumbers can install a clean-out if your building is not equipped with one. If you are experiencing several blocked drains a year, it may be necessary to consider the replacement of your sewer main. Issues such as impeding tree roots or collapsing pipes are often beyond the expertise of the average homeowner, but you can watch the types of items that are permitted to go down the drains.

Limiting the amount of food, oils and solids will likely decrease your sewer main clogs.

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