Sewer Main Cleaning in Dunbar Vancouver BC

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Water piped into a residence is one of the great signs of civilization, an item of great saving of labor and time, to say nothing of convenience. But once the water is piped in, how does it get back out again? To say nothing of the various types of personal and household wastes. This once gave rise to such things as the “honey wagon,” a conveyance that took away household slops. The operators of such things were looked upon as the lowest of the low. Enter now the sewer drain that could carry away all such wastes – until it clogs up, that is. That is where High Mark Plumbing can help with your sewer main cleaning in Dunbar Vancouver BC.

sewer main cleaning in Dunbar Vancouver BC

Think of sewer mains as your home’s arteries. Arteries are the blood vessels that carry spent blood back to your heart and lungs to be cleaned and replenished with fresh oxygen. Sewers carry household waste to sewage processing plants, where the solids are strained out of the liquids. The solids are further sorted, and some of it turned into fertilizer. The liquids are further strained, run through ultraviolet purification, possibly reverse osmosis, or even subjected to an evaporation process. At the end of the treatment, the water that is returned to streams and lakes is cleaned of as many contaminants as possible. It is now suitable to nourish plants and animals downstream from the plant. Like your arteries, however, a sewer can become clogged – especially if unsuitable items have been flushed down it. Ideally, nothing but water, human bathroom byproducts, and thin sanitary paper should be flushed. Tissues, wet wipes, feminine sanitary products, and cooking grease all belong in the waste bin.

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