Sewer Main Cleaning in Langley

sewer main cleaning in LangleyHigh Mark Plumbing has the team and the equipment for your sewer main cleaning in Langley. With spring just around the corner, the trees will soon be waking up and sending out new rootlets. Spring showers also challenge sewer mains, especially if ground water leaks into them or if flooding causes problems with the normal outlet.

A sewer main cleaning is a moderate project, especially with the resources available to a modern plumbing crew. One of our favorite tools is a camera on a long cable. By sending it down your sewer main, we can check for blockage, tree roots and leaks. We can also determine if your home drain tiles are leaking rain water into your home sewer system. Whether your sewer main connects with a city sewer line or whether it drains into a septic tank, keeping that line dedicated to the black water waste from your home improves both drain function and sanitation. If no major problems are noted during the inspection phase, we then run an auger down the line – another piece of equipment on a powered, flexible line, to clean out what amounts to plaque in the drain line. As solids from bathroom and from the kitchen sink flow through the line, they cling to the sides of drain. Over time, that can add up to blockage.

If it is time for your sewer main cleaning in Langley, give High Mark Plumbing a call at (604)945-6060. With a little modern technology and ingenuity, your drains should be flowing correctly, no matter the season. While we are not miracle workers, we can diagnose, explain and usually repair any problems we find during the course of this routine maintenance.