Sewer Main Issues

sewer main replacement in CoquitlamA number of important systems run beneath our homes that we often ignore until there is a problem. One of those crucial structures is the sewer main. This series of pipes receives wastewater from our sinks, tubs, and other units and transports it underground throughout Coquitlam where it eventually drains into the regional treatment plant.

High Mark Plumbing can provide immediate service if your sinks begin backing up. Sometimes a simple repair is all that is required but there are occasions when sewer main replacement in Coquitlam is necessary. Our skilled plumbers will carefully examine your plumbing system, diagnose the situation and offer affordable and effective sewer main service. No plumbing issue is too large or too small for us to handle.

In order for your sewer main to operate smoothly, it is important not to add items to your drains that can clog them. Oil, fat and grease should be disposed of in separate containers and added to the garbage instead of dumping down the sink where they build up and prevent water from efficiently flowing through the pipes. Sometimes other problems can occur, as well, including roots impeding on the underground pipe system and open or broken sewer clean outs where rainwater and groundwater can enter.

Contact High Mark Plumbing for repair or sewer main replacement in Coquitlam at (604) 678-9440. Our technicians will provide expert advice and quality service 24 hours a day. We look forward to serving you with your plumbing needs.