Sewer Main Replacement in Calgary

sewer main replacement in Calgary

High Mark Plumbing is prepared for your sewer main replacement in Calgary. We have the equipment that can minimize digging, and we have knowledge, experience and expertise needed to make the operation go smoothly with the minimum possible mess and fuss.

Modern equipment, such as a powered auger that can drill a hole through the earth eliminating the need to disturb the surface of your lawn, can streamline the process of main replacement. Unfortunately, the process is not always appropriate to certain locations. Soil conditions, presence of other utility lines, or similar obstructions might create conditions that require judicious amounts of digging. In many cases, however, we can replace or repair your sewer main by cleaning out the old cavity and slipping in a flexible replacement line. We can use a small camera on a power cable to view conditions inside the old sewer to ascertain what method will be the most effective for your situation. We know that no one loves to have their lawn and flower beds disturbed – even it is in a good cause. We are glad to be able to offer alternatives to digging up the original line in order to put in a new sewer main.

High Mark Plumbing can help with your sewer main replacement in Calgary, just give us a call at (403)407-5750. With more than 25 years’ experience we make every effort to apply the most effective techniques available to any situation. Each location, however, is unique even though all plumbing jobs will have some characteristics in common. Our goal is always to use practices that appropriately replace the sewer line with a minimum disturbance to the landscape around the area. We like beautiful landscaping as much as the next person.