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plumbing in Calgary

For the last 86 years, there has been an International Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration Expo. The one in 2018 will be in Chicago, Illinois, USA. In conjunction with the Expo, prizes are awarded for innovations in various areas of expertise. High Mark Plumbing is excited about one of the developments, and would like to share one of the innovations in plumbing in Calgary.

As you might know from our blogs, hot water heaters have been an area of innovations from at least the last century – and possibly a lot longer. One of the problems with heating water is that when both the cold water tap and the hot water tap are turned on, the cold water tends to mix with the hot water in a way that decreases energy efficiency and delays delivery of heated water. One of the 2017 first place winners is the AquaMotion Aquaflash under sink hot water recirculation system. The system is a cartridge that is installed under the sink. As the heated water enters the cartridge, it is kept separate from the water from the cold-water spigot. Cooled water that was in the hot water pipes already are fed back through the heater, warming that water. While it doesn’t seem like that big a deal, the cartridge also helps clear out minerals that clog water lines. These two small things can save home-owners and business owners a lot of money that often, er, just goes down the drain.

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