Should I repair or replace my water main?

water main replacement in LangleyYou know it when you have water main problems. If only one drain is backed up in your home, the situation is likely just that drain. If not one but most or all of your sink, tub and toilet drains are backing up, then there is an issue with your water main. You will probably also see beautiful patches of bright green grass in the yard where they haven’t been before.

Water pressure will drop and water flow will be impeded. The dilemma is deciding whether to complete a (fairly) simple repair or to replace the entire water main pipe. High Mark Plumbing will assist you in this decision as we have been in the business of pipes and plumbing for years. Call the professionals at High Mark Plumbing for water main repair or water main replacement in Langley.

Several factors must be considered before deciding the fate of your sewer main:

  • What type of pipe is it? If the existing line is too fragile, as in clay pipes, the entire length must be replaced.
  • How old is the pipe? Newer pipes made of PVC and ABS often require just a repair. The older the pipe the more likely a complete replacement is necessary.
  • What is the cost difference? A standard rule of thumb states that if a repair is more than 50% of the cost of replacement, it is better to replace your water main.

For questions and concerns regarding your water main, contact High Mark Plumbing for your water main repair or water main replacement in Langley at (604) 678-9440.