Signs You Need Sewer Main Replacement

Cochrane, Calgary, AB sewer main replacement

High Mark Plumbing can help with your Cochrane, Calgary, AB sewer main replacement. Spring is an excellent time to get on top of those chores that have been piling up all winter – especially if you have been having problems with your sewer main.

Typically, a sewer main will remain out of sight and out of mind. However, sewer mains are often at risk of being affected by roots and other blockages, such as those from Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) that make their way from our home drains and then get stuck over time from the build up in your sewer main.

Symptoms of sewer main problems include

  • slow drains
  • odd odors, and
  • damp places inside or outside your home in areas where no water should appear.

Sewer Main Replacement in Vancouver

These days, most suburbs have been hooked up to sewer mains that lead to city processing plants. If you notice any of the signs of a sewer main issue, don’t hesitate to contact our team at High Mark Plumbing. Delaying contacting a professional could leave to worse and more costly damage. Sewer main repair, with modern plumbing equipment such as cameras, flexible sewer lines, and automated augers, your sewer line problems can almost always be solved with minimum digging. Even if we must dig up a line, we can quickly find exactly where it is located, so only the ground where it is located will be disturbed. Our team of professionals is both experienced and respectful of your property, and will do our best to leave minimal signs of repairs.

Call High Mark Plumbing at (403)407-5750 for help with your Cochrane, Calgary, AB sewer main replacement. We promise minimal digging, and attention to getting the problem discovered, an estimate made for your approval, and all needed unclogging or repairs done as quickly as possible at a reasonable cost.