Some Drainage Problems Require Drain Tile Replacement in Burnaby


Some Drainage Problems Require Drain Tile Replacement in BurnabyIf you have a drainage problem at your home, it can be reasonably easy to detect. Obvious issues include accumulating water in the basement or a bit of puddling in your yard that was not there before. There are other times when a problem is not quite so visible. The solution may be as simple as cleaning out a gutter or more complex like drain tile replacement in Burnaby.

Bad drainage is often evident in these situations:

  • Overflowing gutters may signify the need to clean them out or replace them.
  • Downspouts that dump too much water into the foundation. You may be able to add additional guttering, or your foundation may have already cracked due to the excessive pressure.
  • Basement water stains. If the water markings are higher on the walls, it may be a sloping landscape issue. When the stains form a line around the perimeter, it may be time for a (new) sump pump and interior drain system.
  • A cracking foundation. Almost every foundation has a few small cracks caused by settling. Fissures that exceed 1/8 wide, or if you notice a break is growing over time, it is best to take action. Some cracks are due to how the concrete was poured, and this can be fixed with a patch. Other gaps may be a structural issue that requires intervention by a structural engineer.
  • Crusty basement walls indicate moisture condensation. Flaking concrete suggests that water is inside the masonry. If it is deeper than a ½ inch and in more than one location, drainage problems can severely impact the integrity of your foundation.
  • Finding mildew in the attic is often indicative of a problem at the ground level. A bathroom fan may be causing condensation or moisture from the crawl space, or basement is rising through the home and gathering beneath the roof.
  • Mulch that travels from where it is supposed to be is another sign of a potential drainage issue.

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