Southeast Calgary, Calgary, AB Drain Tile Cleaning: A Spring Lawn and Garden Chore

Southeast Calgary, Calgary, AB Drain Tile Cleaning

Southeast Calgary drain tile cleaning is a logical part of your spring lawn, garden and home chore list. Drain tiles help draw water away from your foundations or basement wall, preventing leaks and help keep storm water out of sewer drains. High Mark Plumbing is ready for the job.

Keeping rainwater and sewer water separate is important for ecological health. That means, health for streams, rivers, the ocean, plants, animals, and humans. Sewer water contains feces and possibly decaying vegetable matter because it receives the waste from your kitchen and your bathroom. Feces is a natural growing medium that has many biological components, but the one we want to focus on here is nitrogen. Nitrogen, or its chemical components, when mixed with open water can trigger algae blooms which choke out other life. This causes water creatures to die, which can break the food chain for land creatures, as well. Although insufficient studies have been done to be conclusive, it is possible that nitrates (one of the things that nitrogen breaks down into) can cause blue baby syndrome – a condition where the infant’s blood cells can no longer process oxygen. This is one reason why it is recommended that only distilled water be used to mix infant formula. Nitrates in drinking water might also cause cancer in adults.

Nitrogen is just one more reason to keep sewage separate from fresh water. By directing rainwater away from sewer drains, it can be returned directly to streams and lakes. This relieves processing plants, helps keep them from overflowing – a frequent springtime problem. Call High Mark Plumbing at (403) 407-5750 to schedule your Southeast Calgary drain tile cleaning. We have the team with the expertise and the equipment to get the job done.