Spring and Drain Cleaning Services in Burnaby

At Highmark Plumbing,  we know that spring is a busy time for all home owners, but drain cleaning in Burnaby might need to be part of your renovations. You are raking up the last residue of last year’s leaves, mowing the first spring grass, weeding flower beds and replacing bedding plants – the last thing you need is a clogged drain.

Spring rains can cause some types of drainage systems to run sluggishly. Plus, a season’s growth of trees near your home can increase the chance of your having roots growing into your drain pipes. A good Drain Cleaning might help with both those problems. Furthermore, if you have clay or tile drain pipes, you might need drain tile replacement or drain tile repair, particularly if you live in an area where temperatures regularly drop below freezing.

drain cleaning in Burnaby

Backed up or blocked drain pipes add nothing positive to your spring cleaning process. By proactively scheduling attention to your drains, you can increase the efficiency of your home drainage system – and consequently increase your enjoyment of the balmy spring weather.

Plus, you can look forward to using the various drain facilities in your home without having to take time out to plunge drains or mop up potentially costly overflows. Drain leaks in your home are not only damaging to carpets and woodwork, they are a feast for termites – who love the combination of water and wood. An unnoticed slow leak in a drain is an invitation to these little guys to come have a picnic. While this might make added business for your exterminator, termites are unwelcome spring guests.

At Highmark Plumbing, we are available for your drain cleaning in Burnaby. We have a 24-hour hotline for emergency repairs. Customers who liver nearer the Greater Vancouver area should call: (604) 678-9440.