Spring is a Good Time for Drain Cleaning Coquitlam

At High Mark Plumbing, we know that spring is a good time for drain cleaning Coquitlam. All over the country, folks are discussing whether or not their particular groundhog saw its shadow, and whether or not there will be six more weeks of winter. But the real indicator for spring being on its way is the swelling buds on the trees.

Drain Cleaning Coquitlam

Unfortunately, those trees are growing more things than just leaves. They are growing roots that love to reach for the nutrient rich water and waste combination that is flowing in your drain pipes. If those roots have managed to thread their way into your drain lines they can cause clogs. As the roots grow, they can break the drains causing the effluent to leak, and they can block the lines causing the liquid that should be flowing away from your home to back up into places where it is unwanted. Now that is not to say that we have anything against trees – quite the contrary. Trees are wonderful, in many ways, they are the lungs of the world. They can trap air pollutants on their leaves and bark, filtering out at least some of the stuff that humans and animals cannot breathe, and giving us back, beautiful, clean oxygen. Deciduous trees can allow sunlight to fall on a home in winter and shade it from excess sun in summer. We don’t want to hurt your trees, but we do want to protect your drains.

High Mark Plumbing is prepared for drain cleaning Coquitlam. Just give us a call at (604)945-6060 to set up an appointment to make sure that your drains are clear and ready for action.