Stay Comfortable With Water Heater Repair Near Calgary

water heater repair near Calgary

The original water heaters date back to the early 1800s, but reliable water heaters are a more modern contrivance. High Mark Plumbing can help you stay comfortable with water heater repair near Calgary. We understand the enormous pleasure that it is to step into a hot shower or to take a long soak in a tub of bubbles.

A water heater might not look like much – just a metal cylinder that is hooked up to a power supply that activates some sort of heater and to intake and output water lines. Upon closer examination, your water heater is a complex device. It is, lucky for us modern folks, equipped with excellent safety devices, which include steam valves, an emergency blow-out cork, and an overflow drain. Gas heaters now often have igniters instead of the infamous pilot light, but there are still a few of those around. Electric water heaters avoid the gas heat issue completely and are hooked into a dedicated connection which should have its own separate circuit for operation. An aluminum rod dips into the hot waters to attract the acidity, keeping it from corroding the insides of your water heater. Finally, both gas and electric water heaters come equipped with thermostats to keep your hot water at a convenient, but less than dangerous, temperature. That’s a lot of parts for that quiet cylinder in the bathroom closet.

Call High Mark Plumbing at (403)407-5750 if you need water heater repair near Calgary. Our team not only has plumbing expertise, but we can handle related issues that include electrical, pipe fitting, and even heat pump considerations. We are happy to bring our experience and expertise to helping you stay comfortable with your water heater.