Steps Needed for Water Main Replacement in Vancouver

Highmark Plumbing recognizes that your life can be complicated by the steps needed for water main replacement in Vancouver.

Water Main Replacement in Vancouver


The biggest complication, of course, is that if your water main is being replaced you might need to have bottled water on hand for drinking and for ordinary household chores. There is something about those the words, “We are shutting the water off now,” that induces immediate thirst. Before you or anyone you have hired to work on your water main starts to dig, you need to contact your local utility companies and your department of city works to gain exact locations of things such as the existing water main, gas lines, electrical lines, telephone lines and even Internet cables. Your neighbors will not thank you if your workmen accidentally disconnect their power. Locate your primary intake for your home. Either shut it off yourself or have your local water department turn it off. If the water main that is being replaced is the one owned by the city that comes to your water main pipe, then they will already know about this. If the city is working on pipes located in your neighborhood, keep a few gallons of drinking water on hand for just in case the water gets shut off.

Highmark Plumbing would like to keep your life complications due to water main replacement in Vancouver down to a minimum. We have the equipment and well-trained staff to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Just give us a call at (604)945-6060 for an appointment today. If water is gushing or bubbling from your water main, call your city department immediate to get it shut off. That will prevent accruing a large water bill.