Summer Boiler Service in Coquitlam

Summer Boiler Service in CoquitlamHigh Mark Plumbing believes that summer boiler service in Coquitlam can help our customers avoid the autumn rush. A boiler is usually a tank system for heating water, which can be used either for general domestic purposes, piped through a building as a heating source (either as a liquid or as steam), or used to power mechanical processes. Summer is a good time to take care of all of those kinds of tasks because you won’t be running into the spring or fall rush to get plumbing systems into shape, or dealing with the likelihood of inclement weather.

A boiler service strongly resembles the service for a domestic hot water heater. The tanks are flushed to remove built-up sludge that can take up space and reduce the amount of water they can hold. The anode rods – a rod of either aluminum or zinc that attracts corrosive elements in the water – are checked and possibly replaced. All safety valves are checked to make sure that they are operational. The thermostat is calibrated, and if the system uses gas heat, the thermocouple is checked. The system is also checked for hot water leaks, which can become expensive over time. If intake or output lines are buried and the underground parts need attention, summer is a much more pleasant time to deal with these.

For all these reasons, High Mark Plumbing believes that summer boiler service in Coquitlam is an excellent choice for our customers, just give us a call at (604)945-6060. We’ll set up a time that is convenient for everyone and get your boiler service needs taken care of while you are not shivering while we have your system off for maintenance. It is a more pleasant time for our techs, as well, although your convenience is our first consideration.