Sunrise Vancouver BC Water Main Replacement

Sunrise Vancouver BC water main replacement

If your home or business is in need of a Sunrise Vancouver BC water main replacement, look no further than High Mark Plumbing for a company that can help. At one time, replacing a water main would mean extensive digging – your carefully manicured lawn might have wound up looking like a lunar landscape or, at the very least, as if an army of giant moles had been busily tunneling all through it.

Thanks to modern technological advances, a water main replacement no longer requires extensive digging in most cases. The steps are as follows: first, check with all local utilities to locate all underground pipes or buried wires. Second, dig a small hole at each end of the main – at the intake by the city’s water main or your well, and at the intake location for your home. The angle and trajectory of the new main is mapped out, then a powered auger is sent through the earth from one of the newly dug small holes to the other. When it is withdrawn, the powered line is used to pull a light line back through the freshly tunneled hole. That line is then used to pull a flexible water line is pulled back through the tunnel. When it is in place, fixtures are added to each end. It is hooked up to the water main on one end, and the house intake on the other.

High Mark Plumbing can help with your Sunrise Vancouver BC water main replacement, just call (604)945-6060 to learn more. We promise to avoid unnecessary digging – we know how upsetting it can be to see landscaping in which you’ve invested time, money and effort destroyed in a single afternoon – and we try to help you avoid that scenario.