Talkin’ ‘Bout Water Heaters in Downtown Vancouver BC

water heaters in downtown Vancouver BC.

High Mark Plumbing would like to discuss water heaters in downtown Vancouver BC. Having hot water at the turn of a tap is an ideal much sought after. What many people might not realize is that hot water on tap and indoor plumbing are two amenities that were unavailable to many rural and small-town areas until the middle of the twentieth century, and are still not available in many parts of the world. Vancouver is in no danger of being numbered among those areas lacking running water, but people who live here still have many choices when it comes to water heaters.

Standard tank-type water heaters are usually heated with gas or electric. They are well-developed technology, are fairly easy to install and their advantages and disadvantages are well-known. The millennium solution to hot water is the tankless water heater. It is often represented as being more economical than a tank water heater, and more convenient. An article from water heater rescue points out that this just isn’t necessarily so. Tankless water heaters are more economical if you are a single person, living alone. In that case, a hot water tank is sitting quietly all day long using up energy. But if you have a busy family, you are treated to what they call the water heater sandwich – cold water, followed up by hot water. Then, for the next task, a minute or two of cold water before the water gets heated for the next user. A better option for saving energy might be the tank water heater that works with a heat pump and radiant heating system.

Call High Mark Plumbing at (604)945-6060 to learn more about your options for water heaters in downtown Vancouver BC. We’ll help you sort out the real advantages from the myths and the advertising. Every water heater type has all three going on, and it takes a good hot water detective to figure out the best for you.