The Great Debate: Why Must Men Put the Seat Down But Women Don’t Leave it up? Consider a New Bathroom Installed by Vancouver Plumbing

How much trouble is it – really – to put the toilet seat down? Nowhere near asOne more reason to close toilet much trouble as landing in the toilet – instead of on the seat! If men had to sit every time, it likely would not be such a heated debate – the seat would be voluntarily lowered…It is utterly amazing how far that 1/2″ is! Ohhhhhhh – and how very, very cold the unprotected bowl can be on an unprotected derriere…

As with any issue, there are 2 sides to the great toilet seat debate:


Obviously the ‘fairer’ sex is definitely pro toilet seat down! But there are additional arguments to be made for this simplest of actions:

  • Every time the toilet is flushed, micro particulates spray into the air from the aerosolized toilet water. In essence, when you flush the toilet, your toothbrush, soap, brush, razor, etc. are sprayed with poo water.
  • As if you need additional reason, the fact of the matter is, it’s just plain good manners!
  • Every once in a while, a man must sit on the ‘throne’ as well
  • Keeps pets from drinking poo water
  • Most importantly – it keeps the peace!


Should men put toilet seat down?One of the primary retorts to the age old question goes something like this:  “I’ll put the seat down when I’m finished, if you put it up when you’re finished!” While this does make perfectly logical sense, it then becomes an argument based in circuitous logic. As we all know – you’ll just wind up going in circles!





Not that the counterpoint isn’t a valid one – but ponder this: more time is spent sitting on the toilet than not:

females sit 100% of the time + males sit about 50% of the time

= 75% of use requires the toilet seat be down

It would appear that the ‘seat down’s’ have it!


It would seem that the best solution would be for you to have 1-Girls Only Water Closet and 1-Boys Only Water Closet. Should an individual find themselves wandering into the bathroom of the opposite sex – suffer in silence! While this may seem a drastic solution, it is a surefire way to end all controversy surrounding the Great Toilet Seat Debate. Vancouver Plumbing can help solve your problem with an affordable installation – even if you decide to just place a second toilet in your master bath…..