The Importance of Drain Service in Mount Pleasant Vancouver BC

drain service in Mount Pleasant Vancouver BC

High Mark Plumbing would like to remind residents of the importance of drain service in Mount Pleasant Vancouver BC, as well as around the world. Drains have played a major role in the news lately, beginning with, but not limited to, the London fatberg.

Heavy rains in Bengaluru are overflowing drains, pointing up a need to redo the general infrastructure. However, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has noted that the city has received an unusual amount of rain. He pointed out that out of 60 days, it has rained heavily for 46 days. Durban, in South Africa, also experienced heavy flooding in the wake of recent storms. As with the fatberg, litter has had a negative impact on moving this water along.

Not all locations are trying to catch up from behind when it comes to drains. In Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, painters are taking part in a mural project that will emphasize that the water from storm drains flows into local creeks and rivers. Here in Vancouver, we have our own painting project going on. Many of our storm drains flow directly into our local streams. Yellow fish are being painted on the edge of catch basins to remind people that this water does not go to the sewer mains and that what they pour into these drains can affect everyone.

Could it be that the need for clean drains might be a unifying factor? They seem to affect everyone. As we share the importance of drain service in Mount Pleasant Vancouver BC, we remind you that High Mark Plumbing, at (604)945-6060, can help. We like working during regular business hours, but we are also available after hours and weekend for those backed up drains that just won’t wait.