Think About Boilers in Calgary

boilers in Calgary

As the days get a little shorter, and there is a nip in the air, High Mark Plumbing reminds customers in our area that it is time to think about boilers in Calgary.

Although Calgary holds the record for sunny days, as compared to Canada’s other 100 largest cities, it still gets downright frigid in winter. Temperatures can quickly drop to -40 degrees Fahrenheit during the night. With that degree of chill in the air, having a boiler that provides heat is an excellent idea. Boilers are usually associated with radiant heat, including registers or heating pipes through which hot water or steam is circulated. Radiant heat is considered to be one of the most satisfying types of heat. Circulating hot water tends to hold its heat, even after the thermostat has kicked off. Contrast this with forced air heat, where the heating stops when the thermostat turns it off. It is a good idea, however, to get your boiler and all associated hardware checked before real cold sets in. Steam and hot water leaks can cause structural damage to your home or business. A leak that starts out small in autumn can cause major problems by January if left unrepaired.

High Mark Plumbing reminds customers that it is time to think about boilers in Calgary, just call us at(403)407-5750 to learn more about winterizing your radiant heating system. Our knowledgeable team not only can handle your plumbing, but also has expertise in electricity, heat pumps, and more. Winter is on its way, whether we like it or not. We are ready and willing to help customers winterize their boilers and plumbing systems. We really like working on the ounce of prevention to save a pound of cure method.