Tips When You Need Emergency Plumbing Repairs

vancouverplumbingHomeowners frequently perform routine plumbing repairs such as changing a washer or tightening a fitting. The skill required for such repairs is low and the tools needed are usually in every homeowner’s toolbox.

However, there are numerous occasions when the need for New Westminster Plumbing Repairs and general plumbing leak repairs are too great a challenge for a homeowner. It is time to contact a plumbing expert to help with the repairs.

The need for a plumbing repair professional on an emergency basis can come from many types of problems. Frequently emergency plumbing repairs are needed for burst frozen pipes, backed up waste-line or leaking hot water heaters among other causes. These problems can cause significant damage. The very first thing to do before calling for plumbing repair is to shut of the water going to the source of the leak. If you do not know where the valve is that feeds the leaking line, shut off the water at the main. By turning the water off to the leaking area you may save yourself the need to call in an emergency water cleaning specialist as well as a plumber.

Homeowners who do not have a regular plumber often call through a list until they find someone that can schedule them in and hope they are competent and honest.

Here are some tips for selecting an emergency plumbing repair company:

1. Select a plumbing company before you need one

2. The company you choose must be licensed

3. The company you choose must be bonded and insured

4. The company ought to have radio dispatched service trucks available 24/7

5. Service trucks should be well stocked for all emergencies including clearing clogged waste lines

Selecting an emergency plumbing service before you need them will allow you more calmly deal with your plumbing emergency. At High Mark Plumbing, we make sure we are completely prepared for whatever emergency you may need.

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