Top 10 Reasons to Have a Vancouver Gas Fireplace in Your Home

Imagine curling up in front of a fireplace on a bitter cold winter evening. Oh, wait, you don’t have a fireplace? With a Vancouver Gas Fireplace, you don’t even need a chimney! With the multiple benefits of a gas fireplace, prepare now for those romantic evenings…

10.  No creosote build-up – because you won’t be burning wood, there is no creosote build-up to clean or worry about causing an unwanted fire.

9.   No chimney – gas fireplaces do not need a chimney; no concerns of heat loss or critters building nests in your chimney in warm weather. Also no need to worry about chimney fires, and no need to have that non-existent chimney swept every year.

8.   No need for storage – because you won’t be burning wood, the need to store the bug infested cord after cord of wood around your home. You never have to suit up on a snowy day to drag in additional firewood again! A gas fireplace is always ready to be lit – unlike a wood burning fireplace. No more waiting for the wood to dry to light the fire.

7.   Remote Control – most gas fireplaces can be remotely controlled. A flick of a switch, and you have a fire! No messy kindling and stacking.

6.   No safety concerns – because you won’t be burning wood, there are no potential hazards from sparks, making your fire much safer for you home and family.

5.   No wasted energy – since there is no chimney, there is no heat loss when the fire burns out! You control when the flames end…not the wood supply. When you turn a gas fire off, there is no need to wait to close a damper that sucks the heat out of your home. There is no damper, remember?

4.  Environmentally friendly – some states have even banned wood fireplaces for environmental concerns. The emissions from a wood fire can be hazardous to your health as well. Additionally, no trees are harvested to fuel a gas fireplace.

3.   Installation – Vancouver Gas Fireplace Installation is much easier than a traditional wood burning fireplace.

2.   Style –  With so many designs, you can complement any aesthetic, modern to traditional.

1.   Heat – gas fireplaces supply a constant flow of heat. You control the temperature – not the wood! Some models have a circulation fan to make the heat even more efficient.

Live the dream! Fulfill your winter fantasy with a Vancouver Gas Fireplace this year.