Trenchless Water Main Repair In Burnaby You Can Depend On

Trenchless Water Main Repair In Burnaby You Can Depend On

A flooded basement due to a leaking water main is not the best situation to encounter when you come home from work. However, the problem must be handled, and there are two ways to go about it. You can opt for traditional or trenchless water main repair in Burnaby.

While costs for trenchless and traditional water line installation are comparable, trenchless has fewer associated costs, and it is much less involved. Trenchless water line replacement involves less invasive digging measures and won’t leave your yard a disaster afterward.

Here are some different ways that trenchless systems can protect your home and save you money:

  • For minor damage to pipes, cured-in-place pipe or CIPP uses a seamless liner inside the damaged pipe that eliminates cracks and holes.
  • Pipe replacement uses CIPP, too. A cable machine is inserted into the pipe being replaced and is attached to a smaller tube which is pulled through the old pipe. The smaller pipe is sealed in place and works within the damaged one. This method is best for pipes that have decayed or are very old and cannot be lined.
  • To replace the entire water pipe, a bursting head is attached to the far end of a replacement pipe and pushed through the broken pipe by cable. The bursting head breaks the existing pipe into small pieces while adding the new pipe at the same time.
  • By digging two small holes, pull-in-place lining involves moving a new liner through the old pipe with a wrench and is steam-sealed in place. This option works well for small pipe cracks and to provide additional strength.
  • For small cracks or spaces, inversion lining is appropriate. The liner is crafted from felt and pulled into place.

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