Vancouver BC Water Heater Energy Efficiency Incentives

Vancouver Water Heaters can save you money on your energy bill and there are some great BC Government incentives being offered on Vancouver Water Heaters in 2011.

The BC Government recently announced they are continuing with their Livesmart BC Energy Efficiency Incentive Program.  This incentive program is to ensure homeowners are continually pursuing the use of less energy while saving money month over month.

We’ve seen up to a 50% reduction in water heater bills, which saves $1,000’s of dollars of the life of the new water heaters!  With the incentives being offered by the government and the reduction of energy usage, home owners and business owners are enjoying their savings.

Check out the latest Vancouver Water Heater incentives by the Vancouver BC Livesmart program:

Gas Water Heater Replacement (Rebate $200-$300)
-ENERGY STAR instantaneous condensing with an Energy Factor of 0.09 (ie. Navien)
-ENERGY STAR with an Energy Factor of 0.82
-Condensing gas storage type that has a Thermal Efficiency of 94%
-Condensing gas storage-type with Thermal Efficiency of 90%

There is a maximum of one incentive for gas or electric water heater per installation.  For more information on your options contact High Mark Plumbing, the Vancouver Plumbing experts!