Vancouver Drain Tile Replacement

Vancouver Drain Tile ReplacementWhether you are looking into purchasing an existing home or need to make some improvements to your current home, one major consideration involves your home’s drain tile. Maybe you have never heard of drain tile. What is it? Drain tile goes by many different names, including: land drain, perimeter drain, French drain, trench drain, rubble drain and blind drain. Essentially, your drain tile is a trench with perforated pipe and gravel that redirects groundwater on a downward slope away from a certain area or areas of your home, typically the basement or foundation. It can be installed inside or out and is underground.

If water is leaking in the basement or around your house foundation in Vancouver, you likely need a drain tile replacement to prevent further water damage and avoid expensive repairs. High Mark Plumbing has experienced plumbers who will expertly replace your drain tile with a minimum of trouble and cost.

We will locate (if you are unsure where it is located), dig up the existing drain tile, examine it, remove it and replace it. This often involves heavy machinery depending on how deep the drain tile is buried. The bulk of the cost revolves around the labor, location, depth and width of the drainage system.

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