Vancouver Plumbing Tips For Springtime

Here are some helpful Vancouver Plumbing tips that will help you prevent any problems that might come up.

Spring is here and while you’re doing a little spring cleaning, it may be a good time to check your house plumbing.  Due to snow melting and the recent rainy season, it’s a great time for a checkup on the plumbing system.  Keep in mind that not all jobs are ideal for do-it-yourself projects, and you’re great Vancouver BC preferred plumber High Mark Plumbing is always available to help with plumbing issues that arise.

When doing a spring plumbing inspection, starting inside the kitchen and bathroom, check for any linking faucets or drips.  Repairing them will help save on your water usage and money on your water bill.  Also, double check to make sure you have strainers in your drains, which can prevent hair, soap, or other items from dropping and potentially clogging the drains.

And make sure to check your toilets for leads too, by dropping some food coloring in your toilet tank.  Within about 20-30 minutes, if there are any leaks with your toilet, you’ll see what parts you need to get fixed.  If you have to jiggle your toilet handle to flush it properly, make sure to check it out and see what parts you need.  Typically, when you repair your toilet, the toilet handle is an inexpensive way to save money and give you some peace of mind.   Another bathroom area to check that needs an annual plumbing checkup is the showerhead.  By soaking your bathroom showerhead in vinegar, you can remove any mineral deposits from clogging the water flow, which can increase your showerhead pressure.

Another great way to save energy is to make sure your water heater is set no higher tan 49 degrees Celsius. You can also drain a few gallons of water from your water heater to remove any buildup that could potentially clog your drains.  Sediment buildup reduces the life of your appliances, so removing that buildup is worth your time!  Another great way to save on water is to look at a Vancouver Tankless Hot Water Tank. The Tankless Hot Water Tanks save a lot of water and money over time, by using way less water.  Plus they have the additional benefit of having Endless Hot Water and Instant Hot Water.

And finally, also make sure your outside plumbing is in great shape.  Check your faucets outside and ensure they’re running properly without leaking.  Checkout your sump pump to, and if you have a septic system you should consider an annual Vancouver Septic Inspection with High Mark Plumbing.  And one last thing is to check the drains and gutters outside, making sure they’re clean from debris and leaves which can block water from draining properly.

And when you need help with any Plumbing Inspections, Plumbing Emergencies or Plumbing advice, call Vancouver Plumbing experts High Mark Plumbing.