Water Bill Woes Signal a Plumbing Problem

plumbing repair in Maple Ridge.If you open your water bill and see that it is significantly higher than normal it may be time to schedule a plumbing repair in Maple Ridge. Pipes are under constant pressure and may develop corrosion, loose fittings or cracks and holes. Excessive water usage may not be immediately evident unless you have an obvious leak or burst pipes. Small leaks and drips can really add up. Aside from the extra cost involved with a water leak, health hazards are also possible as sweating pipes and pooling water can cause mold and mildew.

To determine exactly where the problem may lie requires some detective work. Look at the pipes under kitchen and bathroom sinks. Is condensation present? Is there a puddle underneath the pipes?

Inspect the toilets. Is the water level low in the bowl? Does the water drain slowly when the commode is flushed? Are gurgling noises evident when flushing? These may signal a seal leak or a sticking flush valve.

Water back-up in tubs, sinks or showers; slow and noisy drains; damp walls or floors by plumbing; unusually wet areas of the lawn and a “speeding” water meter are all indicative of a plumbing malfunction and require immediate attention by experienced plumbing technicians.

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