Water Hammer – A Sign a Plumbing Repair is Needed Soon

Plumbing repair in Vancouver Water hammer is a symptom of modern plumbing being affected by water pressure and not being able to adjust for sudden changes in pressure. Normally, residential plumbing has components included that cause a dampening effect during a sudden change in pressure, usually occurring when the flow is suddenly shut off. However, these “dampeners” eventually lose their ability to cushion the water pressure. Any Plumbing repair in Vancouver is best completed by professionals in their industry who can identify and correct the issue as quickly as possible, before a more severe issue occurs.

When water hammer occurs, the sudden pressure can cause everything from a loud hum in the related pipes to a rattling effect. The noise is usually temporary but disturbing, yet it should not be ignored.

The effect of water hammer can eventually cause pipes and lines to separate, it can cause leaks, and it can be downright annoying. The problem can also be easily solved by just putting in a valve that allows the pressure to be cushioned or released without the damaging effect. Yet because it can involve critical pipes and water pressure, the repairs should be done by a professional to be safe.

For related plumbing repair in Vancouver, High Mark Plumbing should be considered. We have a large amount of experience dealing with residential and commercial water hammer problems, fixing and installing solutions that save plumbing systems and avoid expensive damage. Contact us at (604) 678-9440 to learn more or to schedule an appointment.