Water Heater Installation Airdrie, Calgary, AB

Water Heater Installation Airdrie Calgary Alberta

High Mark Plumbing has your water heater installation in Airdrie. Modern water heaters are a true marvel. Home and business owners have a wide variety of water heaters from which to choose. We have the staff and the expertise to install any type that you prefer.

The three main types available currently are your standard tank-type water heater, your tankless water heater and your large capacity water heater that requires a heat pump. Standard tank-type water heaters are usually heated with propane or natural gas, or the water is heated using electricity. In some cases, a pipe fitter – and we can do that – might be required to install a gas-powered water heater. By the same token, and electrical water heater might require an electrician to install dedicated electrical lines to provide power for it. Heat pump water heaters work best when they are integrated with a heat pump cooling and heating system. The heat pump either pulls heat from the air and drops it into the water heater – a process that makes it integrate very well with a cooling system, or it utilizes geothermal heat, which pulls heat from the ground. Keep in mind that a water heater that is powered using a heat pump, while it is extremely efficient, will not function well in an area that is cold. With that in mind, we will also add that your existing water heater can be retro-fitted to utilize a heat pump – and that applies to both tanked and tankless systems. As a further note, we have people on our team who are qualified to work with heat pumps.

To learn more about water heater installation in Airdrie, call High Mark Plumbing at (403)407-5750. We will be glad to help.