Water Heater Installation Dunbar Vancouver BC

water heater installation in Dunbar Vancouver BC

High Mark Plumbing is prepared for your water heater installation in Dunbar Vancouver BC. When we install your water heater, you know that it is done according to standards, including UL recommendations for safe usage.

The standards for household water heater installation are set forth by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) as UL 174, Standard for Household Electric Storage Tank Water Heaters. Don’t worry – there is a standard for gas water heaters, but for now we’ll focus on electric. UL 174, a copy of which can be obtained from Public Resource.org or ordered directly from UL. The advantage of ordering a copy from UL is that you also receive updates. The standards, a fifty page document, includes instruction for the type of enclosure for the water heater (sturdy, not likely to fall down), gives details for installation. The materials used in the water heater (that part is on the manufacturer – not the owner or installer) are listed.  Live electrical parts need to be protected by a metal housing to prevent moisture from contacting them, the wiring shall be properly grounded, the area where the water heater is installed will be set up so as to protect it from tipping or twisting – which could compromise the electrical connection.  There shall be electrical insulation for wires carrying current, the water heater will have thermal insulation to prevent heat loss, and minimize energy use. The types of heating elements are described, and conditions set out.

Overall, UL 174 is dry, dusty reading, but sets forth essential conditions for water heater installation – and we pay close attention to them. High Mark Plumbing, call us at (604)945-6060 to learn more, is prepared for your water heater installation in Dunbar Vancouver BC. We read these complicated texts so that we can use the information when taking care of your plumbing equipment.