Water Heater Installation in Vancouver

water heater installation in VancouverA water heater with advanced age or experiencing significant problems on a regular basis should unfortunately be replaced by an experienced plumbing professional. Water heater installation in Vancouver should be addressed only by those with the knowledge and expertise to do so.

The new water heater should, of course, be fitted to whatever type of power your home may have, whether gas or electric. You can get a larger or smaller unit, if needed, as long as there will be sufficient clearance after installation between the wall and the tank.

The process for removal of the old tank and adding of the new one is fairly straightforward. The water and gas must be disconnected prior to initiating work. The old tank must be drained of water and the water and gas lines disconnected from the unit. The old heater is removed, the area cleaned and the new tank moved in place.

It is important to make sure the new tank is level, as an uneven one can create problems later on. New fittings are installed and the water and gas lines connected.

Checking to be sure that there are no leaks is crucial. The gas exhaust flue is attached and the tank is filled with cold water. After opening the main gas valve, the water temperature is set and the tank is ready to operate.

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