Water Heaters in Kerrisdale Vancouver BC

water heaters in Kerrisdale Vancouver BC

High Mark Plumbing can clarify questions about water heaters in Kerrisdale Vancouver BC. Water heaters come in two main types: those that have tanks and those that do not. However, once that is said, there are still many kinds of water heaters – but they are primarily distinguished by the type of fuel or heat source used.

Heat sources for heating water are varied. They include direct heat sources such as biomass, gas (propane or natural), oil, or an electric heating element; or less direct sources such as passive solar, geo thermal or heat pumps. Some of these heat sources are relatively easy to manage and install – electric, gas and oil – because most of the engineering is implicit in the design of the heater. Passive solar, biomass, geo thermal or heat pumps are often less direct and require modest to extreme architectural planning. Of these biomass – which can include wood – is probably the simplest, but it can be the least convenient since it involves the owner directly adding and possibly igniting the fuel. Water heaters that are heated using heat pumps are next easiest, and are extremely convenient and efficient. They can even have the bonus of giving your air conditioner a boost during the summer months. In winter, the cooled air is simply vented to avoid adding a burden to your home heating. Passive solar probably requires the most architectural modification. Correctly designed, the owner is required to do little in the way of adjusting the system once it is in place, but it does have the normal drawback of any solar system: it only accrues added power when the sun shines.

High Mark Plumbing can clarify questions about water heaters in Kerrisdale Vancouver BC, call us at (604)945-6060 to learn more. We’ll be honest – we deal primarily in the more standard sorts of water heating – gas, oil, electric and heat pumps, but if you have some thoughts about passive solar or biomass, talk to us. We are always ready to share ideas.